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Tipping in Morocco is not as common as in the United States. There are no hard-and-fast rules concerning how much and when to do it. Waiters in proper restaurants are always tipped up to 10% of the bill. In taxis, round up to the nearest 5 DH (for example, if the meter says 12 DH, pay 15 DH). At informal cafés the tip is normally 1 DH or 2 DH per person in the dining party. Porters, hotel or otherwise, will appreciate 5 DH or 10 DH. It's customary to give small tips of 1 DH or 2 DH to people such as parking and restroom attendants. When in doubt, you can't go wrong by tipping. It is considered normal to give money to beggars should they ask for it. Most, but not all, are deserving of a small coin or two.


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