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If you need to report an emergency, dial 999 for police, fire, or ambulance. Be prepared to give the telephone number you're calling from. 101 is the number for nonurgent police calls, such as reporting a stolen car. You can get 24-hour treatment in Accident and Emergency at British hospitals, although you may have to wait hours for treatment. Prescriptions are valid only if made out by doctors registered in the United Kingdom.

Although England has a subsidized National Health Service, free at the point of service for British residents, foreign visitors are expected to pay for any treatment they receive. Expect to receive a bill after you return home. Check with your health-insurance company to make sure you're covered. Some British hospitals now require a credit card or other payment before they'll offer treatment.

U.S. Embassies

American Embassy. American Embassy 24 Grosvenor Sq., London, W1A 2LQ. 0207/499–9000;

U.S. Passport Unit. U.S. Passport Unit 24 Grosvenor Sq., London, W1K 6AH. 0207/499–9000;


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