The Old Joint Stock


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The Old Joint Stock

Housed within a beautifully transformed Victorian bank building, The Old Joint Stock is a historic gem with origins tracing back to 1862. It features a captivating island bar beneath a glass-domed roof boasting a remarkable selection of craft lagers, seasonal ales, and exclusive wines. Additionally, this unique establishment doubles as a thriving theatre, offering an array of entertainment from stand-up comedy to captivating musicals.

Bars & Nightlife

With the huge student population in the city, Birmingham’s nightlife is as famous as it is varied. The city boasts an assortment of pubs, bars, and nightclubs, with the vibrant hub centred on the renowned and bustling Broad Street. Another area that deserves a visit is Digbeth, Birmingham's best-kept secret that is quickly becoming a hot clubbing area and where regular music events take place.