The Stag


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The Stag

The Stag is a traditional pub right in the heart of Aberdeen, a favourite meeting place and centre of nightlife in the city. It boasts a great selection of lagers, ales, fine wines and whiskies and offers hearty servings of homemade cooking prepared with local ingredients. The large TV screen sports events, thus gathering large crowds on game days.

Bars & Nightlife

With two universities and a large number of people spending time in the city while on leave from the North Sea oil rigs, Aberdeen has a raft of bars and pubs to cater for their needs, making it an ideal party city. With such an abundance of great bars, it comes as no surprise that Aberdeen also offers some great clubs that are bound to give you a memorable experience. But do not ignore the city's numerous cultural events and offerings, with plenty of live music venues and world-class theatres putting on some unique and memorable shows.