Spice Paragon


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Spice Paragon

Spice Paragon invites you on a culinary journey through Thai cuisine — with a twist. Their chefs marry traditional dishes with modern cooking techniques to add a dash of innovation. The dining room, adorned with wood panelling, offers a complete experience, enhanced by the amiable staff. Savour spicy fresh tuna salad, pad Thai, Thai red curry tofu, or wok-fried spicy jungle pork among their delectable offerings.


Once known mainly for its superb lamb, Canterbury and Christchurch are now gaining a reputation for a wide range of food and wine. Local meat produce includes venison, emu and ostrich. There is fresh seafood readily available including scallops, crayfish and Mount Cook Salmon, all which are recommended. Canterbury is also a large wine producing region, specialising in Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.