Quake City


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Quake City

Quake City is a compelling attraction that brings to life the story of the Canterbury earthquakes. Using striking imagery, immersive sound, and engaging film, it doesn't just dwell on the past but also places a strong emphasis on the future. Here, you can stand in the presence of iconic objects, like the top of the Christ Church Cathedral Spire, and delve into the intriguing science of earthquakes. In essence, it's an attraction that tells the tale of the 2010–2011 earthquakes through personal narratives and hands-on exhibits.

Do & See

New Zealand’s garden city, and capital of the South Island, acts as the perfect gateway to discovering some of the country’s most spectacular scenery and National Parks. There is also plenty to explore in the city itself, with acres of parks and gardens, stunning Gothic architecture and a wide choice of restaurants and bars.