The Stellenbosch Wine Bar & Tasting Room


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The Stellenbosch Wine Bar & Tasting Room

Consistently serving some of the best food in town, The Stellenbosch easily becomes a favourite for anyone that pays a visit. The menu lists extensive Namibian and international offerings, and a comprehensive wine list to match.


Namibian cuisine is a unique blend of African game dishes, including meats of animals such as crocodile or kudu, and strong European (more specifically, German) influences. While Windhoek's multiple restaurants serve a range of international cuisine, the locals' staple diet is more focused on traditional Namibian dishes. If you want to experience the local Namibian cuisine, you can venture a bit further afield to the Katatura Township, where Namibian eats are more readily available. Many guided tours of Windhoek include a tasting of open-fire grilled Kapana beef, a local speciality.