Independence Memorial Museum


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Independence Memorial Museum

For a closer look at Namibia's historic path to late independence in 1990, visit the Independence Memorial Museum housed inside an imposing modernist building in Windhoek's former colonial heart. The museum was designed by a North Korean construction company, involved in multiple construction projects across Africa, hence the socialist aesthetic. The top floor panoramic restaurant is worth a pit stop.

Do & See

Few come to Namibia and limit their stay to Windhoek alone, but most who do travel to the country choose to spend a day or two in the easy-going capital. Although attractions are admittedly scarce, there is just enough for a good couple of days with sightseeing and shopping. If you happen to have time on your hands and do not mind venturing out of the city centre, check out the recently inaugurated Heroes Acre (south of Windhoek, down B1), an expansive war memorial commemorating those involved in the Namibian liberation struggle.