Military Museum


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Military Museum

One of the city's lesser-known highlights, the museum offers informative insight into the country's past, including WWII and Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe involvement, and covers a substantial period of Soviet regime, also detailing events that happened outside of present-day Moldova. Information in English is scarce, but many of the exhibits are self-explanatory. The outdoor display of Soviet military machines can be accessed free of charge.

Do & See

The city's main artery is the Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, one of many Moldovan landmarks named after the revered Stephen III of Moldavia, whose monument also marks the entry to Chisinau's central park (named, likewise, after the 16th century prince). From here, it's a manageable to walk to most of Chisinau's city centre attractions. The city is delightfully green, and its pleasant parks readily provide refuge on hot summer days.