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Mezzo Mezzo

Mezzo Mezzo is one of Greece's leading fashion boutiques featuring exclusive Greek designers, as well as top luxury brands.


Corfu boasts a diverse array of shops, from small gift and souvenir stores to exclusive Italian designer boutiques, all tucked away along its cobbled streets and alleys. While shopping, the best deals await on leather goods, jewellery, gold, silver, and fur coats, but it's important to seek out reputable jewellers for authentic purchases. The region surrounding the Ionian Sea showcases its renowned ceramic work, beautifully displayed in shop windows and available as souvenirs throughout the town. Don't miss the chance to explore the fascinating collection of hand-woven carpets, lace and cotton tablecloths, napkins, skirts, and blouses that Corfu offers, along with popular Aegean Island-made white stitched sweaters. Be sure to grab delectable Greek pastries to bring back home, and if you're savvy at negotiation, you may find even better bargains, particularly toward the end of the tourist season.