Archaeological Museum


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Archaeological Museum

The museum showcases an extensive collection spanning from the Prehistoric to Hellenistic eras, featuring bronze and marble statues, funeral offerings, ancient coins, clay pottery, golden jewellery, and fragments from ancient temples. Among the notable exhibits is the awe-inspiring Medusa pediment from the temple of Artemis, dating back to 585 BC. Additionally, visitors can marvel at the stone lion of Menecrates, a likely funeral offering to the renowned politician, a limestone pediment from the temple of Dionysus, 13 identical small statues of goddess Artemis, and a marble torso of Apollo.

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Corfu is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the Greek islands. It's the greenest of the Ionian Islands and probably also the best known. You'll be fascinated by a beguiling landscape of wildflowers, cypress trees, olive trees, and luxurious sandy beaches.