Glada Laxen

Mariehamn - Åland

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Glada Laxen

Known for its delicious, guaranteed fresh fish dishes. Restaurant Glada Laxen is located in the eastern archipelago on the island of Bärö, housed in a former Coast Guard station. Glada Laxen is reached by boat or by taking the archipelago ferry operated by Ålandstrafiken to the island of Kumlinge. Call when you are on your way, and you will be picked up by the staff in the restaurant boat from the harbour on Kumlinge – a real archipelago adventure. It is possible to stay overnight at the Glada Laxen.


Åland boasts a staggering variety of high-quality local produce. Apart from island-grown vegetables, there are lamb, pork, beef (meats also come in sausage form), and seafood (fish, especially pike, along with staples like smoked salmon and herring), as well as a range of dairy products and free-range eggs. Åland's chefs really have a wealth of prime ingredients to work with, and these are made excellent use of at some of the archipelago's fine restaurants.