Mariehamn - Åland

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The Åland archipelago offers an infinite number of kayaking opportunities. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or veteran kayaker, there are suitable routes for you. The archipelago creates excellent conditions, whether you prefer the tranquil bays or rugged skerries near the open sea. Do you want to come close to nature and animal life and spend time on your own in peace and quiet? Or, perhaps, you prefer kayaking in a group with a guide along a designated itinerary? Some of the most popular places to visit are Kobba Klintar and Kastelholm, as well as the Märket lighthouse for very experienced kayakers. Nimix Kayakrentals:

Do & See

There is a surprising variety of visitor pursuits in Åland, both on land and water. Water sports, such as kayaking, kite surfing and paddleboarding, are rather popular, and so are leisurely boat trips. For those interested in diving, Åland is a treasure trove of exciting diving sites containing the remains of eerie sunken ships. There are a few museums, too, and most attractions are designed to accommodate families with children.