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A popular destination for the discerning tourist, Bogapott is an intriguing pottery studio, shop and cosy café all rolled into one. This is a unique family-run set-up, where there are many creations on sale that can't be found anywhere else in town. In summer, visitors can relax in the cafe's courtyard, sipping coffee from cups that were made right on the spot.


A romantic hideaway, a trendy hangout or just somewhere to get a decent cappuccino — whatever kind of cafe you're looking for, you can find it in Tallinn. But hungry travellers should also know that the line between “restaurant” and “cafe” in Estonia is somewhat blurred, with many cafes offering extensive food menus. Meals typically range from simple, meat-and-potatoes dishes to elaborate salads and pastas. If it's just dessert you're after, try one of the cafes that specializes in handmade chocolates.