Valli Baar


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Valli Baar

This legendary bar is a true anachronism and a welcome sight to anyone interested in a 70s-style watering hole. If there's one Tallinn watering hole that everyone should check out, it's Valli Baar. The tiny venue has seen few changes since it first open — its interior is actually under cultural heritage protection. Valli Baar's famous house shot is the potent, spicy Millimallikas (jellyfish), which is also the traditional welcome drink for new employees of Skype in Tallinn.

Bars & Nightlife

In addition to being the best places to unwind during the evening, the city's bars and pubs also operate during the day, serving up reasonably priced dishes to the frugal masses. In local pubs, the menus tend toward schnitzels and potatoes, whereas international-style pubs will serve you everything from Tandoori chicken to an English breakfast. Look for a chalkboard menu advertising the päevapraad (daily lunch special), which is a good way to fill your belly without emptying your wallet.