Gloria Wine Cellar (Veinikelder)


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Gloria Wine Cellar (Veinikelder)

Not only does Gloria Wine Cellar offer the widest choice of wines in the Nordic countries, it’s also one of the most elegant and cosy spots in the entire city. Built right into the medieval town wall, this underground hideaway is as good a place for a romantic rendezvous as it is for finding the perfect vintage.

Bars & Nightlife

In addition to being the best places to unwind during the evening, the city's bars and pubs also operate during the day, serving up reasonably priced dishes to the frugal masses. In local pubs, the menus tend toward schnitzels and potatoes, whereas international-style pubs will serve you everything from Tandoori chicken to an English breakfast. Look for a chalkboard menu advertising the päevapraad (daily lunch special), which is a good way to fill your belly without emptying your wallet.