Drink Bar & Grill


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Drink Bar & Grill

Owned and run by an English beer connoisseur, Drink specialises in offering brews that aren't available in most other Tallinn establishments. Though not aiming to be a typical English pub, it nevertheless offers English visitors what they may be missing from home, namely fish and chips, pub quizzes and comedy nights.

Bars & Nightlife

In addition to being the best places to unwind during the evening, the city's bars and pubs also operate during the day, serving up reasonably priced dishes to the frugal masses. In local pubs, the menus tend toward schnitzels and potatoes, whereas international-style pubs will serve you everything from Tandoori chicken to an English breakfast. Look for a chalkboard menu advertising the päevapraad (daily lunch special), which is a good way to fill your belly without emptying your wallet.