City Shopping


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City Shopping

Shops in the city centre are open from 8 am until 8 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays they are mostly open until 1 pm. In the city centre there are several pharmacies which usually stay open 24/7. After 8 pm, cigarettes and newspapers can be bought in the only kiosk that works 24/7 located at the Bus station, on Žabica. You can purchase all you need in one of the larger commercial centres in Rijeka.


Rijeka has an eclectic mix of specialist little shops where everything from jewellery and haute couture fashions to antiques, items for the home and crafts such as locally made ceramics and paintings can be found. It has lively markets selling household goods, clothing and hardware items, along with fresh local cheeses, hams, fruit and vegetables that are a magnet for local residents who like to catch up with friends as well as shop. Rijeka also has few shopping centres, especially around the pedestrianised Korzo and two large shopping malls on both sides of the city. All of them attract trendy local buyers as well as visitors to the city.