La Casa del Montañista Outdoor Store

San José

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La Casa del Montañista Outdoor Store

Once you're ready to leave the city limits and explore rain and cloud forests, natural parks and hike up the volcanos, you will find yourself in need of some quality hiking gear. Head to La Casa del Montañista for great selection and quality, as well as expert advice.


Carvings from polished coconut wood, colourful bead bracelets, and handmade ceramics are popular souvenirs that you can bring home from Costa Rica. Jewellery and skilfully crafted woven fabrics that will delight your friends and family can be bought at the various markets in the city centre. Hand-carved wooden figures, colourful hammocks and t-shirts with prints are among the most popular souvenirs from Costa Rica. You can pick them up at one of the many markets in the city centre or look for specialty shops in the area.