Parque Francia in Barrio Escalante

San José

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Parque Francia in Barrio Escalante

Parque Francia in the hip Escalante neighbourhood is a tiny but beautiful space with a small fountain at the centre. During the day you'll find people picnicking and just hanging out on the lawn in the shade of an enormous tree. Some days you can grab something delicious from a food truck. At nights you'll see a bohemian life — probably the most alternative hangout you'll find in San José.

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San José is home to great world-class museums, lush parks, hip hostels with pools and some seriously amazing restaurants. The most exciting neighbourhood of the city is Escalante — the hippest people are hanging out there. Besides having a vibrant urban life, San José is also the perfect starting point for day trips to many major destinations spread throughout the country. Hop on a bus and explore the local forest regions or a hike in the nearby mountains. The city's energetic and vibrant life and unique nature will make for unforgettable experiences.