Wat Phnom

Phnom Penh

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Wat Phnom

Wat Phnom is said to be the first pagoda in town, dating back to 1373. It is located on a small hill and locals come here to pray for good luck. When visiting Wat Phnom, be aware that due to the site’s popularity there will be a number of beggars, street urchins and other vendors trying to gain your attention. Some may try to sell birds in cages and you pay to set the bird free as locals claim the birds are trained to return to their cage afterwards.

Do & See

Spend a day walking through the historical streets surrounding the Royal Palace, ride a tuk-tuk hopping from market to market, and end your day gazing at the shimmering lights reflecting off the Tonle Bassac. The city’s life never ceases as the old and the new live alongside each other.