Rejoice in the profuse blooms of Japan’s delicate pink cherry blossoms on this perfectly timed springtime journey to the glorious island nation. Delve into the country’s intriguing imperial history, roam lovingly tended temple grounds and taste your way through the best of Japan.
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On this journey, you may find refuge in the ancient traditions of a ritualistic tea ceremony in Shimizu or feel the spirit of the Thai culture in Bangkok’s Temple of the Emerald Buddha as you visit spectacularly beautiful and spiritually significant destinations.
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Contrast the ultra-modern cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, celebrate Tapei’s fusion of cultures and unabashedly fun food scene, and with four additional stops in Japan, discover the best of the Land of the Rising Sun.
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Discover there’s no time like springtime in Japan, when multihued blooms complement the upturned-roof temples and manicured gardens of this magnificent island nation. Enjoy insight into Japan’s riveting history, millennia-old customs and tempting culinary scene.
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Feel childlike joy as you revel in an escape that whisks you from the rainforests of Borneo to the sugary white sand beaches of Boracay Island to a sprawling mountainside monastery outside of Kaohsiung to the glittering, ultramodern skyline of Hong Kong.
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Setting off from cosmopolitan Singapore, you’ll touch upon star destinations in the Philippines, China and Japan, plus enjoy the unique opportunity to experience the lush jungles and traditions of Borneo and the flourishing capital of Brunei.
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The local rhythms of traditional villages give way to soaring 21st-century skylines sprinkled with forward-looking architecture on this enlightening journey that provides a remarkable window into daily life in alluring Asia.
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During an enviable month-long journey charting the seas, gulfs and straits of Asia, you’ll experience essential destinations in Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan and beyond while gaining a profound appreciation for the extraordinary sense of tradition in each one.
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Enjoy unhurried opportunities in both mesmerizing Bangkok and atmospheric Saigon with leisurely overnight stays in each as well as explorations of the gorgeous island of Ko Samui and high-energy Nha Trang.
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