In the South Pacific, there is a legend that after the gods created the earth, they created the islands of the South Pacific to be their home. Discover heaven on earth on this incredible exploration of paradise that features an overnight stay in Bora Bora as well as Papeete.
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As you cruise the Pacific, you will feel as though you are dreaming because the beauty of French Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands simply seems not of this world. You’ll enjoy endless island adventures on this enviable month-long voyage.
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On this ultimate month-long journey, enjoy the best of both worlds. Get swept away in the thrill of exploring the best of New Zealand and top Australian cities before surrendering to the island lifestyle of the South Pacific.
Starting at $9249.00+

Explore delightful destinations in Australia along with far-flung Vanuatu and lush Fiji before heading further out to sea to cruise the South Pacific and experience the best of the desirable French Polynesian islands.
Starting at $8799.00+

Revel in the opportunity to uncover New Zealand’s fusion of dramatic geography and sophisticated cities, from the sparkling Bay of Islands and fascinating geothermal wonders of Rotorua to the museums and galleries in easy-going Auckland and colorful Christchurch.
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Enjoy a comprehensive survey of revered lands where some of humanity’s earliest cultures developed, achieving astonishing feats of engineering and forming complex societies that inform how we live life to this day.
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On this three-week sojourn, enjoy a leisurely overnight opportunity in transfixing Mumbai and a rare two nights in unspoiled Myanmar, a mesmerizing country of once-inaccessible beauty. In between, you’ll be treated to an array of intriguing visits to Malaysia, India and the UAE.
Starting at $6199.00+

A roving journey that links Asia with Europe is far too complex for a hurried journey, and on this leisurely voyage of crossroads, you’ll have the chance to enjoy overnight stays in four coveted destinations with a host of explorations in between to explore the history, culture and spirit of these remarkable regions.
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Trace the ancient trade routes of Asia as you navigate remote seas dotted with an alluring collection of treasured ports, encompassing timeless destinations in Japan, the dynamic hubs of China and India, multifaceted Vietnam and the iconic cities of the UAE.
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