Omonia (Concord) Square

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Omonia is the meeting point of several vital avenues: Stadiou, Panepistimiou, Ayiou Konstantinou, 3rd September, Pireos, and Athinas. The commercial hot spots of the pedestrianized Aiolou street and Patission avenue are also within walking distance. It's a major transport hub, the meeting place of lines 1 (from Kifissia to Piraeus) and 2 (the red metro line). Omonia Square was built at the request of King Otto in 1846, and it quickly became one of the busiest meeting points in the young capital. Soon, however, the low and elegant neoclassical buildings gave way to the grey concrete blocks that dominate the urban horizon today. In recent years, the economic crisis has meant that the once-lively commercial square (a symbol of the economic development of the 1960s) is struggling to find its character after the dramatic influx of illegal immigrants and rise in petty crime rates.

In Kotzia Square, one can admire the imposing Old Town Hall (now the city’s registry office), an ongoing archaeological excavation in the middle of the square and some lovely neoclassical buildings scattered around (one of them is the National Bank of Greece’s Cultural Centre). The Gregotel Pallas Athena hotel is right here, and Omonia Square is just a couple of hundred yards away.

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