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Gazi-Kerameikos takes its name from the industrial gas works that even today dominate the neighborhood's landscape. The plant that used to provide gas for lighting and power throughout the city (called Technopolis) is now a cultural center offering festivals, temporary exhibitions, and open-air concerts. A slew of bars, clubs, and restaurants are spearheading the revival of the neighborhood and are served by the sleek Kerameikos metro station.


Kerameikos Cemetery

At the western edge of the Gazi district lies the wide, green expanse of Kerameikos, the main cemetery in ancient…

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Gazi, the neighborhood surrounding this former 19th-century-gasworks–turned–arts complex, takes its name from the toxic gas fumes that used to spew…

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Benaki Museum of Islamic Art

Housed in a gleaming white neoclassical mansion with a sweeping view of the Kerameikos cemetary, this newest annex of the…

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